Monday, July 24, 2017

The Lineup Series Screening

I happen to be in Astoria Friday night to witness the opening screening for the new webseries "The Lineup" from my good people Slims from F.L.O. Empire who starting to branch out into different ventures as always. I got a chance to visit one of the newest spots in Queens as well in Club Aloha. I walk in to acknowledge the cast of the series along with networking as usual. I definitely been networking this week thanks to my new attitude now towards taking this to another plateau. I got a chance what's the new wave in the web series genre. I must admit that I haven't been keeping up with web series lately since there is so many to go around these days. Of course I came to the club to support FLO since they been down since day one or two(laughs) The atmosphere in the club was ecstatic waiting for the screening to begin. I gotta say for a web series screening it was packed in the spot which is why I gave props to Slims for knowing when to get a crowd and keep them entertained until the show starts. It also helps when you have a couple of big butt spanish mamis to keep interest going as well.

The screening starting around midnight and it was a snippet no full length(since they still shooting episodes for the series) From the snippet I seen a lot of potential and growth among the cast. If they stay consistent then I don't see why this series can be among the best that's out now. I believe in timing is everything and right now it is the best time to discuss something that happens on the regular in the hood. The Lineup Series is about the bike culture in the city and how bikes are collected to become a hot commodity. Of course money is involved and deceit is amiss but from the clip it look like some depth should come out of the main characters down the road. I like the fact it not dealing with drugs or the usual activities that plagued most urban dramas on screen. It took a different route and I hope it resonates like the other web series does. I wish it is a successful series and the best for all involved. I definitely going to be on YouTube more often these days to keep up.

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