Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Missy Deep: Newbie Making Moves

Been on call lately so as y'all can see I been trying my best to bring up new posts as I can. I can't complain because this is what I wanted to do: talk to pretty girls and rant about the entertainment industry. The reason why I mention the above because I found a new star on the BBW porn scene(it is not a fetish) straight from Illinois(Chicago to be exact): Missy Deep. I been following her for sometime on Twitter. I realize from the timeline she is someone that needs to be shown. I definitely needed to get my reporting on since it been awhile. Since I am(consider myself) a writer and reporter of what's new in the world of porn and all things entertaining I decided to introduce you guys to Illinois own Missy Deep. Enjoy!

How long you been in the porn Industry?
Missy:   Two years ago, I dipped my toes in the industry pool. Most of the time, until November 2015 I wasn't very active with porn though I try to update Twitter more. Late in that same november, I was given the opportunity, thanks to Lord Black The Dom, to launch my site and get myself out there.

What made you get into this? 
Missy:    When it was 2014, I was in it for the money because I needed to pay for my schooling. As I matured a little I realized I loved the sex that happens in front of the camera and watching some of my own videos has given me more confidence in myself and what I do.

What is the bbw porn scene like in Chicago?
Missy:     The BBW porn scene in Chicago isn't like LA, Vegas or Miami. It's pretty much independent companies looking for local talent but they don't want to pay for travel.

What are your measurements

Missy:    48" 42" 48"

What are your top 3 favorite positions?

Missy:  Doggy, missionary, cowgirl

Have you ever watched porn to get pointers and do you use them now?
Missy:    I do, I won't lie! I do use some of the techniques I have seen in porn, but I add my own little twist to them.

Which companies have you done content with so far?
Missy:   Harlem's Videos is what I use for videos, though I do most of my photoshoots with Erik P. Photography

What do you bring to the industry that not out there now?
Missy:   I give off this innocent vibe to everyone at first but I surprise whoever is shooting with me with how naughty I can truly be. Literally we could be having a normal conversation and if I want to fuck you, I could openly say, "Tie me down to the nearest bed and fuck me so hard I can't walk." Will that happen? I don't know.

What techniques from watching porn did you use so far?
Missy:   I forgot which pornstar(s) it was but normally I'd either orally please the cock or the balls and not use my hands. Now I would massage his balls while I suck cock or jerk him off when I lick his balls. I have yet to shoot with another woman so I'm willing to learn.

What are your top 3 fetishes?
Missy:    Top three fetishes... That is a hard question. I love hair pulling, choking, and spanking while getting fucked

What brand of toys you use for foreplay?
Missy:   I don't pay attention to brands, I will admit it. Though I love using hitachis, and whatever dildo I can find (whether it's a real dildo or a brush handle).

Do you think that your ability to switch from innocent to naughty so quick will throw people off?
Missy:   It does sometimes. Mostly, people are just surprised

Is there anyone out there that you want to film with that if the opportunity come you would take it with no hesitation?
Missy:    James Deen, David Snow, John Strong, Owen Gray, Tommy Pistol, Daisy Ducati, Aiden Starr, just to name a few.....

What is your 5 favorite scenes that you shot this year?

Missy:   Hardcore with Harlem's, my most recent scene with Lord Black the Dom, the solo I did in August, being punished on the bed by Harlem's, and my March shoot with Erik.

The industry is definitely a roller coaster. Do you think your time so far changed your thoughts on the industry or in general?
Missy:    Sometimes, I feel like people only treat me like I'm a fuck toy or some other fetish. I could be talking about something serious and someone would be jerking off to me in a onesie.

Some of those companies you mentioned have interesting reputations. Has other people opinions affect who you want to film with? 
Missy:     I'm at the stage where people don't throw out a lot of opinions, but once I hear some rumors about the company, I look into those rumors.

What are your plans/goals for 2017?
Missy    My plans for 2017... Well, I already have a few companies that have booked me. ParaPerv, Zo's Underground, Harlem's (again), Chazzy Amateurs (just to name a few). I have high hopes to shoot with Assylum, Plumper Pass and Kink.com in 2017. I'll be going to BBWCon, maybe EXXXotica and basically, doing whatever I can to make the most of 2017

*I decided to release this interview now instead of sitting on it forever. I know she moved and did some of those shoots already but I figured why not learn the beginning to understand how she got here. Hope y'all enjoy this and one day I'll get the updated version. For now follow Missy on Twitter: @MissyDeepXXX and enjoy the shenanigans.